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Music Box Village: A Place for Wingnuts, Tinkerers and Inventors

December 11, 2021

Our guests on this episode are Delaney Martin and Taylor Lee Shepherd of New Orleans Airlift, an artist-driven non-profit organization whose mission is to inspire wonder, connect communities, and foster opportunities through collaboration, arts education and the creation of experimental public artworks. Delaney Martin is a multi-media installation artist and the Co-Founder/Artistic Director of New Orleans Airlift. Taylor Lee Shepherd is a sound artist and Technical Director of New Orleans Airlift; as well as one of the founders of Airlift’s musical architecture project.

We discuss Music Box Village, a whimsical village of artist-made interactive “musical houses,” which is the flagship project of New Orleans Airlift. We explore the importance of intuitive interfaces and the collaboration that goes on between "wingnuts", tinkerers, and inventors to realize something bigger than the sum of their parts, as well as what artistic expression, technical engineering and social engineering have in common.

To learn more about New Orleans Airlift and Music Box Village check out the links below:

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