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September 23, 2020

Bill Robertazzi


Bill is founder of Human42, a coaching and consulting practice where he helps people balance life's expectations, responsibilities, and pressures, with their creativity, passions and dreams.  He brings decades of experience to this endeavor from the information technology field and as a former senior leader at an international philanthropy.

When not working, Bill spends time with his partner and his three adult sons.  As well, he gains inspiration from the growing community of artists, engineers, entrepreneurs, creatives and healers, which he is part of.

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Tony Tran


Tony is a technology executive with a focus on the people side of IT. After a long career as a developer in the beginnings of the web and through the dot-com bubble, he has spent the last decade building global engineering teams in the media, publishing and entertainment industry. His mission is for everyone to have a good "boss" and to realize their full potential in their careers.

In his personal life, you'll find Tony on a mountaintop, on a ski slope or exploring the canyons of New York City.

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