The Artist Engineer Podcast

Archetypes, personalities and shadows with Gary Bobroff

October 20, 2020

Author, international speaker and Jungian psychotherapist Gary Bobroff joins us as we explore the mind of the Artist Engineer - where it aligns in our world and where it contrasts.

In this fun and interesting conversation we take a spin through archetypal knowledge, personality types, such as the Myers-Briggs model, and the importance of understanding your shadow. Find out how becoming more familiar with your own perspectives and biases leads to a more fulfilling life!

Gary is also founder of Jungian Online, which connects clients with certified Jungian Analysts and Psychotherapists worldwide via live video.

Check out Gary's latest book "Knowledge in a Nutshell: Carl Jung: The complete guide to the great psychoanalyst, including the unconscious, archetypes and the self"

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