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Hot Toddies with Tony & Bill: Setting Intentions

December 28, 2021

Join us, your hosts Tony and Bill, in this final episode of the year, as we share hot toddies and look forward to 2022! We discuss New Year's resolutions and why they fail, whether it's better to swim towards a goal or float with the current, and how setting an intention can act as a North Star.

We share our model and methods for keeping ourselves on track. We explore the certitude of death and the finite number of weekends left in one's life as great motivators and finally, we set our own personal intentions for next year.

Please listen in and help hold us accountable! :)

You can find a few resources referenced in the show below:

4 Powers of Effort (Bill's Human42 Blog)

21 Questions (Bill's Human42 Blog)

Most Important Tasks (MIT)

Atomic Habits by James Clear

The 90 Day Year

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