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Howard Robot interview: F.I.R.E., Flaming Phalluses and Feelings

August 12, 2021

Our guest is Howard Robot! Howard is the creator of My Robot Friend - a musical and performance art project from New York City - known for live performances in which he wears his homemade robot costume complete with flames, lights, shooting ping-pong balls and confetti!

Howard is also a creative software developer designing and implementing web, desktop, and mobile applications.

In this episode, we discuss the origin of My Robot Friend, his philosophy of what it means to be a robot, and learning about basic electrical theory (spoiler alert, it's shocking!) As well, Howard gives us his thoughts on how to fund a creative life while maintaining artistic freedom and the importance of pursuing F.I.R.E (Financial Independence Retire Early) in his life.

Finally, he shares his insights on the ways in which creativity, collaboration and community overlap between software engineering and creating art.

Intro song "By Your Side (feat. Dean Wareham)" by My Robot Friend

To check out more of Howard's music and art go to

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